Fast Monte Carlo simulations for proton PBS

Open tools:

The source code is released and fully open on Gitlab: MCsquare.

MCsquare is a terminal application. It is integrated in OpenTPS and OpenReggui applications that provide a graphical user interface (GUI), Dicom support, and several image processing features.

For clinical usage, MCsquare is also distributed as part of myQA iON, a medical product of IBA dosimetry.

Multipurpose simulations:

MCsquare runs on CPU architectures.
No GPU or other specific hardware is required.

Laptop: < 10 min
Computation server: < 1 min
PBS treatment simulation with 10 millions protons

The use of Monte Carlo dose calculation instead of typical analytical algorithms can improve the accuracy of proton therapy treatment planning. Especially, range uncertainties are significantly reduced in heterogeneous anatomies. MCsquare, a new fast Monte Carlo code, has been developed to simulate proton PBS treatments with the accuracy and calculation speed required in the clinic. The algorithm was designed and optimized to exploit the computational power of modern multi-core CPUs.

Kevin Souris, John A. Lee, Edmond Sterpin, Fast multipurpose Monte Carlo simulation for proton therapy using multi- and many-core CPU architectures, Medical Physics. April 2016.


Robustness test with MCsquare

MCsquare enables realistic robustness evaluation of the treatment plan thanks to the various treatment uncertainty models implemented: setup errors, stopping power errors, motion variations, and interplay with the dynamic PBS delivery.

Workflow integration with OpenReggui

The plugin developed in OpenReggui offers a graphical interface and a powerful workflow management solution for MCsquare.

Plan optimization with MIROpt

The MIROpt application provides 4D robust optimization of proton PBS treatment plans based on MCsquare dose calculation.